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Understanding Webspam or Make Friends With Pandas And Penguins

Black Hat SeoThe days of manipulating search engine page rankings with garbage websites are gone.  Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms focus on penalizing and downgrading Webspam websites that have unnaturally high page rankings based on poor and repetitive content and other questionable SEO practices. Panda and Penguin algorithm updates are happening more and more often and some days both can be updated a couple of times per day.  To succeed in driving traffic to your website, you need to keep your website out of the Webspam category while providing relevant and timely content.

Defining Webspam

Webspam is a practice that for many years allowed websites to manipulate search engines to drive traffic to their site.  These sites are designed specifically to spam Google and other search engines in order to raise page rankings, albeit, artificially.  These practices include cloaking, keyword stuffing, and other tactics known as “black hat SEO”.  What businesses fail to understand is that these practices, in the long run, do more harm than good.  When a potential customer finds you through this practice, it is extraordinarily difficult to convert them from a visitor to a buyer and develop an ongoing relationship.  Today, the algorithms are designed to weed through the websites that are employing “black hat SEO” practices and downgrade their page rankings for the purpose of raising the quality of information in search engine page rankings.


Google’s Panda

Panda algorithms search for websites that have poor quality, duplicative, and repetitive content.  Websites, including content farms, and others that specialize in creating tens of thousands of pages of worthless content are now considered Webspam by most search engine algorithms.  For nearly two years since the first Panda run in February 2011, website owners have had to refocus their SEO strategies and revamp websites without utilizing manipulative black hat tactics in order to rank high in search engine findings.

Google’s Penguin

Google PenguinPenguin algorithms are different.  While Panda focuses on the content of websites, Penguin focuses on links and link profiles.  Link building has always been a focus for website owners seeking to raise their page rankings, however, just as there are individuals that seek out black hat SEO tactics, there are those that manipulate back links to raise page rankings. Penguin targets these low-quality link profiles and lowers the page rankings based on real and high-quality links.

How To Keep Ahead Of Panda And Penguin

First, abandon your old practices that included any of the above mentioned black hat tactics.  These simply do not work any longer, and in fact, cause your website to be deemed as Webspam.  Today, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy that includes high-quality content for Panda, and high-quality links for Penguin.  Think “keyword optimization” not “keyword stuffing”.  Think “high-quality relevant links” not “link to everything.”  Raising your page rankings with Google and other search engines does require time, effort, and patience.  Remember, you are building an online persona, reputation, and looking for new customers that choose you.  When you engage potential customers and provide them with timely and relevant information, your linking efforts will be rewarded.  Organic linking that comes from individuals that like what you have to say or offer so much, that they want everyone they do business with to know it as well.

Stay away from manipulative SEO tactics and instead focus your efforts and resources on creating high quality content for visitors to your website. Blogs, white papers, product reviews, industry news and analysis, and press releases are a great way to build high-quality content.  Encourage visitors and customers to comment and share the information you provide and build a relationship with the community.  This leads to the invaluable organic links that will raise your page ranking.  The next time you do a search and you find the results are relevant to you, hug a panda and a penguin and be thankful that they are doing their job and helping you find relevant, high-quality websites.

Generating Backlinks With SEO And Content Marketing Strategies

The world of SEO and content marketing is changing.  Recent adjustments to Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms as well as adaptations by other search engines have made SEO tactics more important than ever.  Once, individuals could recycle or repurpose articles and blog posts that appeared on their websites and continue to submit them to directories to capture backlinks thereby raising the rankings in search engine findings.  Now, the dynamics have changed and what once worked can now cause websites to lose their coveted page rankings thereby resulting in a dramatic decrease in traffic to their website.

Today, content marketing including articles, blog posts, and press releases must be timely, interesting, relevant, well-written, and most important fresh.  Content was once written to satisfy the search engines but did little in the way of converting visitors to sites and very little to educate or inform them.  Content must be written in a manner that relates timely information that visitors to a website are seeking, as well as to encourage feedback, comments, and sharing.  This now is the natural linking needed to generate the backlinks that help websites rise in search engine rankings.


Content WritingWhat Websites Need To Rise In Search Engine Rankings

·         Link Building: Link building requires websites to build credibility, nurture relationships, and maintain a healthy stream of relevant content.

·         Limit Content Submissions: Submit well-written and original content only to high-quality article directories.

·         Relevant Content: Generic content is no longer going to drive traffic to websites; well-written content with the proper keyword density is essential.

·         Guest Blog Posting: Research existing blogs that provide timely and relevant information and that have active followers.  Offer to write guest blogs; this helps generate back links and  expand reach to a new audience.

·         Use Google Authorship: Link blog posts to Google+ page.  Remember, a Google+ page that includes a photo drives more traffic.

·         Develop On-Site Blog Editorial Calendar: Take a look at the next 3 months; what dates stand out that is relevant to your business?  Develop an editorial calendar to ensure that topics are relevant and timely.

·         Develop Off-Site Editorial Calendar: Guest blogging builds relationships, increases backlinks, and develops a larger audience.  Write compelling and timely pieces including blog posts, press releases, and white papers to provide to bloggers and industry news leaders.

What Websites Need To Avoid In Order To Rise In Search Engine Rankings

·         Generic Content: Immediately stop distributing generic and poorly composed content to article directory services.

·         Article Spam: Cease distributing article spam – non-original content – to content delivery services.  In the end, this does significantly more harm than good.

·         Plagiarized Content: Stop spinning content from other sites.  Unique, original, and fresh content is more valuable.

Timely, Relevant, And Unique Content Marketing

Instead of focusing on general information for visitors to your website, think about how to provide real value.  The list below is a sampling of content marketing topics and ideas that can help Interviewyour website rise in page rankings:

·         Interviews: Conduct an interview with a customer or industry professional.

·         Case Studies: Write a case study of a customer that has successfully used your product or service in their business.

·         Industry News: Search the news of the day/week and write a relevant post on timely and relevant news.

·         Tools & Tips: Brainstorm new ways that your product or service can be used to educate your potential customers.

·         Product Reviews/Product Comparisons: Routinely review products that are relevant to your business and compare your products with your competitors.

Most importantly, remember that the dynamics of driving traffic to your website has changed dramatically over the last couple of years.  Do not let the changes in Google’s algorithms get you down; you can still drive visitors to your website and rise in the page rankings.  SEO and content marketing take nurturing, analysis, and time; building backlinks by providing relevant high-quality content is worth the time and effort.

Integrating Social Media Strategies Into Marketing Campaigns Is Vital

Social MediaOnline And Offline Businesses Both Need Social Media Marketing Strategies

Once, it was commonplace for businesses that conducted the majority of their business in brick and mortar businesses to not have a compelling online presence.  That quickly changed and businesses across the globe that offer local services have found the power of harnessing of the internet in addition to their traditional marketing strategies.  Online businesses however, have always focused on getting their customers from internet users.  Social media integration into marketing strategies was first successfully employed by online businesses and now offline businesses understand the importance of having a social media strategy that is woven into their overall strategic plans.  Consumers buy from businesses that have a recognizable brand, a good product and offer it at fair prices.

What Social Media Marketing Does For Businesses

Social media platforms give you the invaluable path for pursuing new customers, nourishing existing customers, and for building buzz about your products and services.  Reaching customers, regardless of the type of business you have, is vital to your success. In fact, one of the biggest marketing and sales challenges has always been choosing the best channels to find customers.  Social media allows businesses to build their brand and their reputation, encourage feedback and sharing, and educate customers on the benefits of your products. Going viral through social media campaigns, is the ultimate goal.  Tweets, videos, blogs, and forums are all pieces of the social media puzzle and are a vital part of your UX.

Using Social Media To Its Full Potential

So DeliciousSo Delicious Dairy Free is a company that makes dairy-free milk and other products from nuts.  When they launched their Facebook campaign, they continually asked for feedback on their products, were active in responding to questions, and offered followers coupons and recipes.  As they kicked off their product launches, they had ongoing contests that spurred their customers into action.  Their customers shared their recipes with friends, talked actively about their products, and created the buzz all new companies strive for.  While they had been in business since the late 1980s, their social media campaign catapulted them into new waters and greatly expanded their business.  They created a UX that engaged a passionate community – they had the right message, at the right time.

Most companies do not spend the time or effort necessary to build a community like the So Delicious folks did.  For a brand with non-universal appeal, their over 110,000 “likes” on Facebook and 17,000 Twitter followers is remarkable.  The truth is, when creating a marketing campaign, regardless of whether for offline or online businesses, social media must be integrated into the fold.  The brand message of any business needs to be promoted through traditional media as well as social media to increase the reach and build a strong customer base.  The added benefit of an active social media community are that the more people that are talking about your product, sharing your product benefits, the more your rankings in search engines will improve because of the number of new organic backlinks.  Organic backlinks cannot be achieved without effort; however, they are one of the key components in search engine algorithms for moving your business to the first page.

Internet Marketing: How To Increase Leads and Sales

Internet marketing is a rapidly evolving advertising platform that can increase leads exponentially when done right. Let’s face it; everyone wants to increase leads and sales revenue. In the past, cold-call sales, direct mailings and advertisements in industry publications were the norm. Today, marketing is all about generating inbound traffic and attracting fresh leads through content management, online campaigns and social media promotions then managing the results with customer relationship management tools and analytic tracking,

Also known as inbound marketing, internet marketing is about getting found by customers, attracting traffic and reeling in the leads and sales. Effective marketing campaigns utilize a multifaceted approach with synergistic elements that instantly increase traffic, search engine ranking and most importantly sales. From creating a layout that welcomes search engine and customers to selecting the appropriate keywords and anchor tags, these elements are essential to creating an effective campaign and SEO strategy that drives traffic to your site. PPC advertising on search outlets like Yahoo, Google and Bing can maximize your advertising budget and campaign results when popular keywords are selected carefully and optimized regularly. Add timely updates, valuable info and email marketing content, and you’re on the way to sustainable growth.

Social Media Advertising

For businesses, the power of social media is lightning in a bottle. Word of mouth is still one of the top referral methods and a foolproof way to increase leads. Today’s social media outlets allow businesses to connect with potential customers on an unprecedented level. The rapidly growing network of social media sites and professional groups is changing the way companies interact with their customers. CRM tools allow businesses to monitor trends, stay in tune with the market and keep in touch with consumers and potential buyers. Social media sites are expanding promotional opportunities and giving entrepreneurs and corporate leaders a better way to reach potential buyers with advertising targeted by job title, industry, demographics and interests. Now is the time to get on the bandwagon. Join Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter and take advantage of powerful business tools that were unheard of four years ago.

Advanced Content

Developing unique content is the most effective way to stay current, appeal to search engines and earn clout in your industry. Keyword-rich blog posts incorporating effective SEO techniques establish your brand and improve your site’s ranking by developing high-quality backlinks. Blog content can also be tooled toward trade publications and article distribution channels that spread the word to a larger audience. Content development includes press releases, articles, in-depth white papers, videos, webinars
and coupons that increase leads and drive current and potential consumers to your site. Creating high-quality content is only half of the battle. Promotion and distribution are the keys to winning the war.

Internet marketing campaigns are capable of reaching millions of consumers around the world. With a multifaceted marketing approach, businesses can build a successful and sustainable online lead generation system. The audience is there. You just have to reach them.