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At Push Marketing, we educate our clients on new ways to expand their marketing efforts and achieve impressive results. With our creative solutions and online ingenuity, we are able to help companies overcome challenges, connect with their customers, and dominate their industries. Review our library of online marketing videos to learn about foundational and new marketing tactics.

Target Your Competitor’s Customers

There are two ways to market to your competitor’s customers. You can target their website visitors by creating a display campaign with a custom intent audience. You can market to their location visitors using geofencing. Watch our video to learn more.

Push Marketing History and Certifications

Push Marketing provides business lead generation using the latest marketing strategies. We help businesses plan, improve and optimize their online presence, generating qualified leads and sales through a variety of advanced and measurable online tactics.

Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation

Are you using Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation ads to target customers based on their demographics and their interests? If not, watch Push Marketing’s video to learn how to deliver low cost qualified leads for your business.

Hyper-Focused Ad Targeting

Programmatic Display Advertising is a great tactic to bring more awareness and sales to your business. This Push Marketing video will introduce you to location targeting, demographics, and contextual in-market audiences, and complex personas to create a hyper-focused programmatic display campaign.

Push Marketing SEO Workshop

This video explains SEO basics for Business Owners and Marketing Managers to help them better understand SEO tactics and techniques. We illustrate tried and true strategies, including keyword research, keyword assignments, sitemaps, metadata, and Google’s Search Console.