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Email & Automated Marketing

Email and automated marketing is the process of automating marketing actions that are often repetitive, such as emails, social media, and other website actions. Automated marketing makes these tasks easier to manage more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to cultivate prospects and engage customers with automated marketing campaigns that are designed to influence actions. You can then use behavioral based tracking to increase qualified leads and engage them at critical points in the sales process.

Automated marketing provides the technology necessary to develop ongoing email campaigns that educate customers and prospects, as well as develop drip email campaigns to nurture potential leads as they make their way through the sales process.

Automated emails with personalized communications are triggered when visitors click on what you determine to be “important pages” or submit forms on landing pages. Assign these important pages so that when they are clicked on, lead scores are boosted and this information can automatically be sent to your sales team for higher lead conversion rates.