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Push Marketing Introduces Advanced Marketing Automation

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Push Marketing Introduces Advanced Marketing Automation

by Robert Nance March 27, 2018

Push Marketing is an authorized service provider of SharpSpring’s automated marketing software. Automated marketing software allows users to automate repetitive tasks such as email, social media, and other website actions. This platform enables businesses to engage with leads at critical points in the buying cycle through the use of its powerful features. Here are just a few of the powerful features offered by Push Marketing and SharpSpring:

Behavioral Based Email Automation:

Traditional email delivery services that are often utilized consist of linear, “blast” type emails that are delivered to a set mailing list. These are usually nontargeted emails generated by companies with generalized content relative to their products and services offered. Behavioral Based Email Automation, on the other hand, creates targeted emails based on a potential consumer’s behaviors and interactions with your website. This targeted marketing allows customized communications in a one-on-one fashion to be sent which, in turn, generates higher lead conversions and more revenue. The system also generates an automatic notification to your salespeople to better foster the relationship with potential leads. By notifying your sales team of these more relevant leads, you are equipping them with the information needed to convert more leads to sales and increase your return on investment. Your marketing efforts are optimized by spending more time and money in the areas where it is needed and less on the areas that aren’t likely to convert.

Engage Leads at Critical Points:

Our automated marketing platform allows you to engage relevant leads at critical points in the buying process through the use of 3 major components: Visual Workflow Builder, Lead Nurturing, and Lead Scoring.

  • Visual Workflow Builder is an interactive component of the platform that uses branching logic to build out your automation tasks in a point and click visual format. By utilizing the visual component of the task planning process, the Visual Workflow Builder allows for more creativity with a hands-on approach. You can create specific touch points by combining tasks and action groups, to customize the path your potential lead takes thereby increasing your likelihood of a conversion.
  • Lead Nurturing facilitates automated drip email campaigns to engage potential leads early on in the sales process. Drip email campaigns are a set of emails that are sent out on a scheduled basis to ensure that newcomers to your email campaign receive all of your marketing emails instead of just new emails that come out after they have joined your mailing list. This allows potential leads to be educated and keeps you at the top of their minds as they navigate through the sales process, and ultimately to their purchase decision. Lead Nurturing also sends a notification to your sales team when potential leads are ready to convert and purchase.
  • Lead Scoring allows your sales team to focus on hot prospects and leads. Leads are scored based on engagement with your website with scores increasing or decreasing depending on page visits, numbers of clicks, forms completed, downloaded content, and demographic data that fits your sales model. You can set a customized decay rate to decrease lead scores. The platform also allows you to automatically nurture leads until they are ready to convert. Lead Scoring enables your marketing team and your sales team to work hand-in-hand to not only provide them with better qualified leads, but also with a higher percentage of lead conversions and sales.

Advanced Lead Analysis to Identify Website Visitors:

Marketing automation tools provide several components that facilitate lead analysis and identify visitors on your website. Our platform offers the tools needed to identify anonymous website visitors, track your known leads, receive a daily VisitorID email, track page visits, referral URLs, and search terms, set important pages, choose important contacts, and set powerful filters.

  • ID Anonymous Website Visitors: Most visitors to websites, as many as 98%, remain anonymous to administrators because they don’t fill out forms while on the website. VisitorID utilizes reverse IP address lookup to identify the users and companies who are viewing your website. It also provides you with their contact information, name, email address and phone number. This not only helps you track visitors to your website, but provides you with critical information on your website visitors that will allow you to convert those potential leads into sales. By utilizing this information you can attract more traffic to your website to provide your sales team with more relevant leads and a higher conversion potential.
  • Track Your Known Leads: Our automation platform can track potential leads and notify your sales team when a current lead returns to your site, whether to continue browsing, to check out your pricing, or even to download content. This allows you to make your website more than just content – it becomes a communication tool for both your staff and your potential customers. It also provides your sales team with the information they need to convert more leads.
  • Daily VisitorID Email: The daily VisitorID email provides you with a daily listing of visitors to your website. With this information, you can quickly filter through potential lead information, lead scores, and other customizable fields without ever having to log in to the platform. This provides you and your sales team with more leads and opportunities.
  • Page Visits, Referral URLs and Search Terms: Our platform tracks the time that visitors spend on the individual pages on your website, recognizes and tracks when visitors view pages that you designate as “important,” tracks demographic information on your visitors, investigates where they come from, and can even identify which search terms led them to your website. This information then allows you to customize your website and social media content to attract more relevant leads to your business.
  • Important Pages: With our marketing automation software, you can set “Important Pages” that, when clicked on by a visitor, boosts their lead score and provides this information to your sales team. It can also be set up to trigger automation and personalize communication to any visitors who click on your important pages.
  • Important Contacts: The platform can also target specific industries in your communications and marketing. VisitorID will customize its analytics to only show you the visitors from those specific industries that you have chosen.
  • Powerful Filters: Powerful filters allow you to filter out any visitors to your website that don’t apply to your business or fit into your marketing model, so you can focus on the visitors that you do want to target and customize your communications to these specific potential leads. The platform will block all ISP from view and any companies that are poor sales prospects.

Our powerful marketing automation platform provides you with all the tools needed to drive more leads, convert more sales, optimize your marketing potential, and track potential customers who would have otherwise remained anonymous. The platform not only saves you time and money, but identifies more qualified leads, increases the conversion of those leads, and increases your resulting revenues.

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