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Advanced Analytics

Push Marketing’s advanced analytic reports allow you to implement a turnkey system to identify viable leads, score these leads, and provide notification to your sales team. This is accomplished by collecting data from multiple channels including websites, mobile apps, email, social media, advertising, etc. It also allows you to get real time data (versus historical data) to guide further analysis and trigger responses more quickly. Advanced analytics includes:

  • Lead Scoring: Leads are scored based on engagement with your website with score increasing or decreasing based on page visits, forms completed, downloaded content, and demographic data.
  • ID Anonymous Website Visitors: Reverse IP address lookup is used to identify the users and companies who are viewing your website and provides you with their contact information, name, email address, and phone number.
  • Track Known Leads: Our automation platform can track potential leads and notify your sales team when a current lead returns to your site. Your sales team can then access pages viewed, price checking, etc.
  • Daily Visitor ID Email: The Daily Visitor ID email provides a daily listing of visitors to your website. With this information, your sales team can quickly filter through lead information.

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