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How We’re Different

Learn about Our Proven Process Below and the Seven Steps We Use to Build Your Business

Inventory Your Website and Internet Presence

  • Review and Inventory for Search Improvement
  • Develop a Conversion Plan
  • Review Brand Messaging
  • Determine Current Rankings for Industry Terms
  • Inventory Social Media Activity
  • Document Reviews on Popular Review Websites

Audit Your

  • Determine Competitor Keyword Rankings
  • Research Competitor's Advertising and Traffic for Insights
  • Review Competitor’s Brand Messaging and Conversions
  • Document Competitor Reviews on Popular Review Websites
  • Inventory Your Competitor’s Social Media Activity

Research Market

  • Industry Marketing Analysis to Determine Opportunity
  • Inventory Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Determine Most Valuable Keyword Terms
  • Create an Expected ROI Analysis Based on Marketing Analysis

Define Marketing

  • Determine Most Effective Marketing Tactics 
  • Propose Conversion Tactics
  • Propose a Phased Marketing Strategy
  • Propose Branding and Offer Improvements

Build Measurement

  • Add Dynamic Call Tracking to Website
  • Add Conversions Tracking to Advertising Channels


  • Create Ad Content Based on Messaging, Offer, and Conversions
  • Develop Brand-Centric Social Media Content
  • Monitor Campaign for Issues and Opportunities

and Optimize

  • Conversion Report with Form Fills, Phone Calls and Online Conversations
  • Keyword Report of Paid Terms and Organic Rankings
  • KPI Analytics with Overall Traffic, and Breakdown by Channel