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Understanding and Implementing SEO (Starting Monday 4/20/2020)


A one week SEO course, consisting of three 90 minute sessions. You will learn about keyword research, keyword assignments, meta data, Google Search Console, troubleshooting website SEO issues, tools for managing your SEO, content development, backlinking, and more. This course is perfect for small business owners, marketing managers of larger companies, and anyone who is interested in SEO as a career.



Understanding and Implementing SEO class is a one week course with three 90 minutes live online sessions.

Monday 4/20/2020 @1:00 PM (PST)
Wednesday 4/22/2020 @1: 00 PM (PST)
Friday 4/24/2020 @1: 00 PM (PST)

If your business is affected by Coronavirus, call or text (760) 809-7151 and ask for the SEO Workshop discount code.

Why is this course beneficial for your business?

  • Your site can only Generate New Business if people can find it. During this course you will learn the best practices we use to improve client websites, helping them consistently rank well in Google Search. The Tricks of the Trade.
  • You will learn the Principles of Search Engine Optimization including Keywords, SEO meta tags, Backlinks and more
  • We use student’s websites as examples to show you how to optimize any website.
  • This class is for Small Business Owners and for larger company marketing and SEO teams.
  • Your continued learning is an Investment in your Business. You will be able to use these principles as your business and watch your website traffic Grow!