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Advanced, Remarkable Content is King

Creating high-level content serves multiple purposes for optimizing lead generation and conversions, while seizing thought leadership opportunities available in your industry. Easily more than two-thirds of Internet traffic is not ready to be engaged by sales representatives at any given time; for these visitors, some content formats provide lower barrier conversion opportunities, such as subscribing to a blog or registering for a webinar.  

There are many forms of advanced content including articles, blogs, ebooks, press releases, videos, webinars, presentations, events, kits, in-person events, photos, etc.; where appropriate, they are to be built around and for strategically designed business development campaigns. Once produced, reach exposure to this content can be quantified once it has been optimized for search engines followed by extensive promotions though Push Marketing’s promotional platform.

Advanced content also plays a crucial role in optimizing lead conversions.Once a steady stream of qualified visitors are on your website, efforts are integrated to help you convert more of them into leads, opportunities, and paying customers through landing pages, lead intelligence and marketing analytics. This is achieved when content goals plan to include delivering value information designed to prepare prospects to engage, to enhance existing relationships, and to help sales close more business.

Article Writing

Article development involves the creation of feature articles that sometimes have extended from blogs and are prepared for trade publication or other article distribution channels. This helps establish industry authority among your peers; and as they are properly optimized, they help capture valuable backlinks. Most industry publications will also post your online article in addition to the print version. Additional backlinks for articles are created by submission to online article clearinghouses and publisher channels. The clearinghouses and publisher channels will accept non-biased articles with anchor tags which provide html backlinks to your website. Many sites will republish these articles on their site passing the SEO credit back.


Blogs have proven to be a major advantage for building an online presence and an additional platform for social media, on-page optimization and back link development. For social media, a blog is a way to position the blog host as an industry leader. On-page optimization is compounded by (a) ability to create new content pages quickly overall content volume for crawling and (b) building desired ranking keywords into the blog topics (titles and content). Back links are developed as industry players discover and recommend the content to their audiences. With compelling blog content, Industry partners will link the blog’s content back to their website or blog. In addition to industry partners, other bloggers and content aggregators will use quality blog content and link to it.

Press Releases

We create press releases to generate publicity, increase awareness, build search engine value with links back to your website. We start the process by interviewing you and building a release that has the facts that our network of journalists are interested in.

We send your news to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! News, and Bing. We send it to 30,000+ journalists and bloggers. We deliver it to 250,000 opt-in news subscribers.  And we host your news release on on a press release hosting website, which receives 1.5 million visitors each month. 

White papers

Our white pages are a sort arguement about the benefits of a particular technology, product or policy that will solve a specific problem. As a marketing tool, these papers will highlight information favorable to the company authorizing or sponsoring the paper. Such white papers are often used to generate sales leads, establish thought leadership, make a business case, or to educate customers. Our whitepaper strategy is tied to conversion where sales leads are generated at an action oriented landing page promoting the white paper download.


Videos are an ideal medium to demonstrate products and features as well as for presentation. We create videos for page content as well as syndication for search engine consumption. After video creation, Push Marketing will distribute your video to over 29 video content sites.

 Internet Syndication

Push Marketing has created its own syndication engine to mass distribute content on to the internet. Our proprietary system consists of distribution to High Rank web properties for press releases, articles, videos and coupons. Each of  these distributions involves a link building strategy focused on driving keyword ranking.