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Digital Marketing is Even More Effective in a Post-Pandemic World

It’s 2020, and your business is looking for new, inventive ways to get more clients. In a pre-pandemic world, your first thought might be to default to the norm: printed brochures, newspaper ads, canvassing, pamphlets, and making the rounds in neighborhoods. You use to get some callbacks, and it’s what you know, but you realize that people are going to be less inclined to listen in a post-pandemic world. Luckily, there’s a better way, technology is more prevalent than ever, and it’s edging into every aspect of life – including how homeowners will seek home improvement support moving forward. 

By 2025, millennials will make up ⅔ of the global workforce. These millennials possess buying power and represent your future target markets, but they also come with a different set of expectations. Having grown up in the digital age with smartphones, tablets, and the internet, millennials and generation Z seek out services through methods such as internet searches and reviews.

Adapting to these changes will bring long-term success for your home improvement business. Regardless of whether you provide urgent services such as plumbing, or projects with a plan, like tiling, it’s key to understand that millennials are your next market to focus on, and why adapting to changing consumer behavior should be a priority. Here’s why digital marketing will be more effective than traditional methods such as canvassing:

Cater to your target and reach more qualified leads

How much do you know about the homeowner on Bend Street that you just canvassed or mailed? Absolutely nothing, other than the fact they are residents of a certain area. 

Instead of reaching out to everyone, narrow your efforts to qualified, interested leads. Traditionally, you can attempt to do this by only going around certain neighborhoods, but with digital efforts, you can virtually designate your ideal demographic (homeowner or renter, mid or high-income household, etc.) and pay to only show your message to these prospects. Not only can you reach your target region and demographics with a more efficient spend, but you can also reach people of similar online behavior, such as those who have recently sought out your services or searched for related “keywords.”

Additionally, many customers nowadays immediately turn to Google, Bing, Facebook, or asking a friend for a referral. YellowPages and directory listings are mostly a thing of the past. Instead, a customer’s first instinct is to perform their research online, meaning your presence online is their entire basis for whether they’re interested in you or not. Is your website modern and up-to-date? Do you have stellar reviews and proud displays of your best work, or customer testimonials? These are conditions that must be tip-top for a new customer to give you an email or ring and learn more about your pricing, availability, and services. 

Do a quick audit and Google Search yourself, and discover what people in your area are likely seeing. 

ROI is measurable

Do you know where your customers are coming from? Often, with tactics like canvassing, you’ll put your money where it isn’t needed. Spending money on printing and distribution adds up quickly, and it’s difficult to measure how many customers came to your business as a result of these efforts. When you crunch the costs, the downtime, and the quality of clients coming from this tactic, are you actually profiting? Also, if you’re doing multiple efforts at once, what was actually effective?

Start spending smarter with a measurable strategy, and see your efforts go further with the same or even less spend. 

Customization and Instantaneity 

Instead of becoming another piece of paper or fridge magnet, you can create a custom social feed, app, or strategy to reach your next customers. Discover how neighbors share referrals, and create an inspirational social media page that motivates people to come to you. Customization goes much further with digital and can be adjusted swiftly. Imagine if you overprinted a canvassing material or had a typo, and you’re stuck with a batch until you’ve distributed everything. 

With digital, you have the ability to push content at your desired frequency, edit captions, respond to customers directly and immediately, and deliver different messages to different markets. Customers like options and they want to be able to reach you through many different social channels – maybe through email, Facebook messenger, Instagram messaging, Whatsapp, etc. 

If you offer multiple types of services, you can target your different demographics with the content they want to see. Then, measure your ad performance based on data, and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Finally, instant gratification is an expectation of most customers now. Say someone has an immediate need for pest control, which can be very on-demand. Having your business show up as a local business listing when those customers search “ants in house” and an online booking system is very likely to increase your leads. Not only are you a) easy to find, but you’re also b) efficient and seamless and c) modern and credible – all components that a modern customer seeks today. 

Find out how you can optimize your business to be digitally compatible, and how many more qualified leads you can reach with an efficient strategy. Get an audit of your current digital footprint today, and contact Push Marketing now. 

Free and Discounted Marketing Resources to Utilize During COVID-19

Now is the time to work on your business and develop strategies and tactics to weather the storm and come back stronger than ever.

As you know, there are several government COVID-19 programs that have been introduced. And if you’re looking to market your business, there are several low cost and promotional offers to start filling your marketing pipeline when the country is back open for business. 

Here are some discounted marketing resources due to the COVID-19 crisis:

Google Ads Spend Credit – New Google advertisers can spend $150 and receive a $150 credit. Use the credit to advertise locally or globally to reach potential customers within a few miles of your business, or the entire country.

LinkedIn Ad credit – $50 Ad Spend Credit. Use LinkedIn sponsored content to show your ads exactly to the B2B persona audience that you choose.

Database Discounts (up to 30% off) – Receive discounted data for businesses and consumers with precise detail such as income, homeownership, and more. We also have data to identify consumers that are likely to be interested in your products. Select your list and call Push Marketing at (760) 809-7151 to receive our 30% discount.

Hubspot CRM (60% off) – To support small businesses through this challenging situation, Hubspot has reduced the cost of our Starter Growth Suite from $112.50/month to $50/month. Use this powerful CRM to manage your marketing and sales activities. At $50, this is real value. Oppty is an additional tool that helps you understand and maximize Salesforce to help you generate new leads. You can now use Oppty free of charge to build your pipeline so you’re ready when business picks back up. 

Free Tools on SEMRush – SEMRush is helping businesses improve their online visibility by making a variety of their tools free. The SEMRush social media toolkit is free to use as of April 1; it’s a useful resource for scheduling and editing your social media posts. Need a little help understanding the ins and outs of your digital marketing campaign? Use your downtime to check out SEMRush’s free digital marketing courses. They’ll help you learn how to optimize your content using the most efficient means possible.

Communication Resources – Keep in touch with your employees and customers while you’re housebound with these virtual communication resources. Zoom has become the fastest-growing video meeting tool today, embed Zoom on your website for fast and instant meetings, and virtual demos.

Slack is an excellent way to continue to collaborate with small groups of industry partners or employees. If you need an option for larger groups, check out Google Hangouts for free video calls ideal for your virtual meetings and conferences.

Project Management Resources  –Make sure employees are on the same page with Asana’s project management solutions. You can collaborate for free with up to 15 people at once. Asana helps your team visually see each project’s current status and identify high-priority tasks.

Push Marketing has strategically driven businesses across a multitude of industries through digital and traditional marketing efforts for over a decade. Learn and explore the various digital marketing strategies that are best for your business by connecting with a growth strategist! Schedule a free marketing assessment for your business by contacting us directly at 760-809-7151 today!


Press Release: Push Marketing Offers Free Ad Campaigns for Local Carlsbad and North County Businesses During COVID-19 Crisis

For Immediate Release

Local businesses, including restaurants, home improvement companies, and others, are encouraged to contact Push Marketing, a Carlsbad, California digital marketing agency for free and low-cost assistance reaching customers during this crisis.

Carlsbad, CA — March 30, 2020 – Push Marketing is offering free COVID-19 website messaging, ad campaign setup, and management for impacted companies during the crisis, the Carlsbad digital marketing agency will provide free ad campaign setup and management during the COVID-19 crisis. The service and updates are provided without obligation, setup fees, or management fees. According to Robert Nance, Push Marketing CEO, “Many of our local businesses remain open during the COVID-19 crisis, and yet are struggling to connect with customers. Our goal is to help these businesses gain ground by increasing awareness and sales during this challenging time.” 

“The company is inspired by the first responders, medical providers, and others on the front line who are risking themselves to help the world at this moment. The service of these extraordinary individuals pushes us to do more for our community,” says Leann Baggetta, Managing Director of Push Marketing. The COVID-19 crisis has also impacted their business, and they plan to use their temporary downtime to help businesses that are struggling. If they receive an overwhelming response, the company is part of a large digital marketing association and community where other marketing agencies can be enlisted to help.

The San Diego County agency provides online marketing for a number of home improvement and consumer services industries, including home restoration services, garage doors, countertops, patio covers, cabinets, flooring, and timeshare cancellation.

Robert Nance notes that the agency can assist a variety of industries, and is confident “that COVID-19 messaging and low-cost digital advertising techniques and media can help small businesses survive, and perhaps thrive, during these difficult times.” The company has advertising templates ready for several business categories, so a COVID-19 marketing response plan for local businesses can be personalized and launched in days, not weeks.

If you are a challenged business or know of one that is struggling, contact Robert Nance at (760) 809-7151 for free and low-cost COVID-19 digital advertising campaigns and website communication updates. If you would like to learn how to recession-proof your business, read Push Marketing’s blog post on 12 COVID-19 Business Survival Tips. 

About Push Marketing: Push Marketing, a digital marketing agency that focused on supporting home improvement and home services companies. The home-related industries that we serve include B2B and B2C countertops and flooring, solar, window and door, and pest control sales. We help these companies find, acquire, and retain clients through digital marketing.



12 Recession-Proof and COVID-19 Business Survival Tips

Over the last couple of weeks, we have listened to business leaders and examined how different companies have behaved and changed course during a recession. And perhaps most importantly, how they fared post-recession after implementing new business strategies. The studies are very consistent; companies that used a combination of selective expense reduction (defensive moves) along with smart investments for the future (offensive moves), are the ones that have excelled during tough economic periods. 

Businesses need to take these lessons from the past and apply them to their business today in order to survive this crisis. And, business-to-business, sharing the lessons, victories, and challenges is paramount so that we can all bypass surviving and move toward thriving.

Here are some quick tips and lessons that we’ve learned.

  1. Be proactive, use this available time to work on your business instead of in your business. 
  2. Update your website, signage, and brand messaging to ensure your clients know you are open, active, and still offering your products and services. 
  3. Based on your current business situation, develop and promote new ways (virtual meetings, email video messages, free samples delivered, product videos, etc.) to present yourself and your products.
  4. If you’re not doing this already, be sure to reach out to your customers and prospects via phone, email, video, and social media to be top of mind.
  5. Explore new opportunities, such as developing or segmenting your database. A robust database can be used not only for email but also for multi-channel messaging on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.
  6. Expand when others are constricting. We learned this lesson from one of our customers. During the last recession, they didn’t lay off any staff, and they purchased inventory at a discounted rate. When the economy came back, they greatly expanded their market.
  7. Regarding your marketing, if your business is still open for business, be selective and highly targeted with your target audiences. Lower marketing budgets as needed, but stay the course; this is a way to make it through the tough times and build market share as the economy improves.
  8. Work on your online reputation; this is a great time to request reviews from your past customers. Post the highly positive reviews on your social media pages.
  9. Update your LinkedIn personal and business pages, and your other social media profiles. And learn about social selling; it’s a great way to interact and build relationships with prospects and thought leaders in your target market.
  10. Brainstorm with your team and develop a solution or special offer that you can present to your customers and prospects that help your customers (business or consumer) in the short term and your business in the long run.
  11. Look for creative ways to make it easy to do business with your company. Some ideas include “free or a low cost to start” service paid in arrears for the first month, and creative payment terms for product inventory based on negotiated terms with your suppliers.
  12. Find a competitive advantage, look for the latest techniques and products in your industry, and develop a plan to present these techniques as sales value propositions to your customers.

Here’s an excerpt from a Harvard Business Review article on this topic – “One combination has the greatest likelihood of producing post-recession winners: the one pursued by progressive enterprises. They cut costs mainly by improving operational efficiency rather than by slashing the number of employees relative to peers. However, their offensive moves are comprehensive. They develop new business opportunities by making significantly greater investments than their rivals do in R&D and marketing, and they invest in assets such as plants and machinery. Their post-recession growth in sales and earnings is the best among the groups in our study.”

Every business and employee across the country is anxious right now. We don’t yet know the full extent COVID-19 and the economic downturn will have on our daily lives; this is not a time to “wait and see.” It is time to be proactive, to work in tandem with our customers, vendors, and other businesses to help ensure that we do more than survive. Please call us at (760) 809-7151 if we can be of any assistance.