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How to Leverage the Power of Cross-Selling for Your Home Improvement Services

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How to Leverage the Power of Cross-Selling for Your Home Improvement Services

by Robert Nance March 13, 2020

Have you ever had warm leads or interested prospects that seemingly did not end in a transaction? Or how about previous customers that utilized your services, completed the transaction, then you both parted ways and never heard from each other again? To sum it up, your relationship ended. Part of that may be due to lack of need from customers, but a large part of that is within your control to nurture the relationship.

Many home improvement providers have yet to realize that by maintaining an organized CRM (customer relationship management system), they can hold onto the contact details of their previous customers or leads. Often, these are the best kinds of leads, as they’re folks who already expressed interest, or need in your services. Sometimes, they don’t quite realize what else they need, or what their home can benefit from. Don’t let that contact information go to waste – it’s valuable information you paid for, as the cost of acquisition can be quite high.

Below is an example of how you can leverage the power of cross-selling your home improvement services to re-engage previous customers and leads.

1. Maintain a database of contact information

Before you can reach out to any leads, it’s important to manage your previous and past customers. Get organized with a CRM database, or have your marketing consultant assist you with this task. The benefits of having a marketing service help you is that they will categorize many sub-groups and categories of your expansive list, as well as create slightly different versions and customize messaging for your various lead types.

Separate hot leads from previous customers, and tradeshow attendee names from internet leads. From there, you or your marketing team will help you sub-segment further, noting purchase behavior from your previous customers, and catering service suggestions based on their past needs. The more customization you can offer in your messaging, the better your results will be.

2. Educate previous and potential customers

Being a subject matter expert in your field, whether it’s lighting, windows, flooring, countertops, insulation, pest control, etc, you know what’s best for different conditions. You’re also aware of the latest methods, technology, and techniques that can help reduce energy or long-term costs.

However, many customers probably don’t know the recommended techniques and quality hacks that you know. They also can only DIY so much, and more technical jobs will require a service expert, such as your business. Take this opportunity to educate customers and leads, and make them aware of cost savings by installing the newest systems.

3. Build your campaign and measure results

Once you’ve selected the service you’d like to upsell or educate your leads on, it’s time to build a campaign. Create a compelling list of benefits to this new service, provide visuals (image and videos are always a huge bonus), and for extra perks, include an exclusive promotion or deal.

In our example, Push Marketing worked with Northwest Exterminating to share the perks of migrating to TAP insulation, an installation for attics that can reduce energy bills by up to 56% and provide permanent pest protection. In tandem, we built our campaign first by identifying lead groups and lists, then cultivating content to share why TAP insulation is all around beneficial for any home. The campaign involved drip layers, including a follow up message that included a reminder for use of the deal. Overall, Northwest received great results, with a 949% of ROI on their campaign, turning idle past customers into repeat customers.

Think of services that are all around great, unknown, and would be useful for your leads and customers to have in their homes. Work with a reputable marketing agency or team, and have them convert the contact information you’ve worked hard for into a new campaign. Contact Push Marketing today to hear how we can help your home improvement business grow.

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