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After the Click: Behavior-Based Email Tracking

by Robert Nance November 29, 2017

By providing complete information on a visitor’s activity after they click through from an email, Push Marketing’s software goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional ESPs like MailChimp and Constant Contact. With email tracking, you can track every page visit, form fill-out, webinar sign-up, and white-paper download from the email campaigns you send.

Why does that matter? Simply put, behavioral-based email tracking and marketing automation helps businesses generate more leads, increase sales and prove ROI.

Email automation takes on new meaning with marketing automation. With “after-the-click” behavior tracking, marketing automation is able to track how a lead is interacting with a website. At the same time, the software can send out automated email that is customized based on how the lead interacted with the website.

In short, Marketing Automation can be used to:

  • Discover a lead’s interests, simply based on webpage clicks
  • Communicate with leads 1-to-1 based on those interests
  • Automatically notify a salesperson when a lead has accomplished something interesting

Marketing Automation vs. Traditional ‘Email Blasts’

Unlike old-fashioned email delivery services like MailChimp or Constant Contact, which generally send out email “blasts” to a large group of recipients in an untargeted approach. Too often, prospective customers view this kind of mass mailing as spam, and that can land your emails in the junk mail folder.

In contrast, when correctly applied, marketing automation all but guarantees that leads receive narrowly targeted, highly relevant, marketing messages at exactly the right moment. Unlike the auto responder tools many businesses and agencies have used in the past, marketing automation is able to specifically target leads who are likely to be receptive to your contact.

The secret is that marketing automation features behavioral-based targeting and communication. Using marketing automation, a B2B company can automatically send very high-level, relevant information to fresh leads, with a high degree of accuracy as to that individual’s actual interests.

Plus, when a lead shows readiness to buy, purchase-oriented materials can be automatically sent. At the same time, the marketing automation service will send a notification to a salesperson, telling them to contact the lead. Leads looking at one product on the website can be sent information about that specific product, without a salesperson having to ask the lead anything.

Not surprisingly, this level of behavioral-based targeting will generate higher conversions and more revenue. That’s why Push Marketing is offering this service, as developed by SharpSpring—it’s an investment that is sure to pay dividends.

The relevance and time savings of behavior-based email automation is difficult to put into words. That’s why we’ve created a fast, fascinating and fun demonstration of how marketing automation actually works for you.

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